The following are some of the projects that have been previously completed by the Asia Pacific Valuations Group and their approximate asset values:

Millenium Arts Complex, Southbank >$300M
Ports Complex, Australia >$300M
Courthouse Complexes (One Australian State) >$300M
Banks Corporate Properties, Papua New Guinea >$140M
Retail Outlets Group, Papua New Guinea >$80M
Regional Airport, Queensland >$60M
Food Processing & Distribution Group, Australia >$60M
Medium Rise Office Tower, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea >$60M
Airline Buildings & Facilities, Papua New Guinea >$50M
Plantations & Food Processing Factories, Papua New Guinea >$45M
Private Dockyards, Western Pacific Region >$45M
Motor Vehicle Dealership Group, Papua New Guinea >$40M
Retail Offices & Showrooms, Papua New Guinea >$40M
High Rise Office Tower, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea >$35M
Private Girls College, Brisbane >$30M
Yacht Club & Marina, Western Pacific Region >$30M
Sports Stadium, Brisbane >$30M
Airport Buildings & Facilities (1 Site), Papua New Guinea >$20M
Medium Rise Office Tower,Brisbane CBD >$20M
Arts Gallery, Brisbane  >$20M
Copra Oil Milll, Papua New Guinea >$15M
Cannery, Papua New Guinea >$15M
Condominium site, Papua New Guinea >$15M
Waste Processing Plant, Australia >$10


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